Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's So HOT Even Our Sweat Is Sweating

What It's Like Living On The Sun...
This week was full of tons of sweat and more Asian hunting! I can't even express how busy we have been. We have had so many appointments and places to be that we haven't even had time to eat lunch most of the time! However, busy is good as a missionary- so I can't complain at all!
We have met with a lot of new people this week. All are so amazing and I will talk more about them in the following weeks to come! It has been 105 to about 108 every single day out here, which does not mix at all with what you have to wear as a missionary!  You can get out of a car or even walk for like 3 minutes and be sweating head to toe.🌞
Everyone thinks you're insane for being outside, which they are kind of right, but they are a lot nicer and give you tons of water- so that is good! 
We taught again this week our most entertaining investigator Winter.  She gets distracted super easy and runs around everywhere! 😁We all showed her pictures of our families to keep her focused LOL. She is super fun and way cool to teach. She has a Masters in Fashion Design, so she has some pretty dope lookin clothes! 
This Sunday there were 11 new investigators at church which was super fun! Especially that all of them are women but 1! Evangel and Blair were confirmed this week and she was grinning ear to ear! They are an amazing family and I'm so blessed to take a part in there journey!
Then we went all the way out to Hemet to teach a Chinese family in their restaurant they own, so that was fun LOL. They live an hour away from us, but it is worth it, even if it is 115 degrees in Hemet! 
Hope you all have a great week! Good luck with the heat! 

Elder Nelson 孙长老

Tag pic with the main course😁

Even though Ben and the Trio are receiving many blessings from the Lord, this week took a sad turn for them. Elder Crowther has been called to serve in Corona, English speaking. This news came as a shock and surprise to all 3 of them. Ben is really sad to see Elder Crowther go, but told us how much he loves him and how he will do such great things no matter where he is and who he is serving.

I can't imagine the confusion they must feel when things like this happen. Elder Crowther was called to serve speaking Mandarin. He trained for 9 weeks in the MTC and was Ben's companion that whole time and yet the Lord needs him elsewhere.  Hearing how positive Ben, Elder Willes and Elder Crowther are being in the face of this new adjustment is a faith and testimony builder for me. How great is it that these 3 young men have such a faith in this work and in their Father in Heaven that they KNOW things will turn out OK, for all of them. Our prayers are always with all of the missionaries in the world, but right now a little extra love and prayer is going out to Elder Crowther for this new assignment he is about to embark on and to Ben and Elder Willes that they can continue on the path they have already set forth. 

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