Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Serenaded A Song Of Repentance

Time is flying by so fast and I can't even keep up with all the amazing miracles that are happening out here for us!
First this week our English class exploded! We have like double the people now and its twice as crazy to teach them LOL. We've met a ton of funny people through class and we hope to teach a lot of them soon, so stay tuned!
We then had to say goodbye to Hank and Tina who are moving for like 4 months. I'm going to miss them soooo much!
We taught Shanon again this week, she is amazing. She has a son on a mission right now who was converted in college so it sparked her interest to meet with us! We had a really spiritual lesson! We began to talk about baptism, which she has been scared about. She expressed how much she misses her son and how hard this is for her. We began to testify of our purpose and how we know these things will bless her! She broke down in tears and was sobbing. We know she knows these things are true, she even said so herself. We are going to continue to work with her and be patient!
On Saturday we had a Chinese BBQ which was way fun! It was a little overwhelming for me because there was like 60 Chinese people there all wanting to talk to the white kids that speak Chinese!😁 But it was so much fun!
Then the pinnacle of the week was Sunday. We had the baptism for Evangel and her daughter Blair. They are both so amazing and I'm so glad I got to play a part in her amazing conversion. Her testimony is amazing and is a huge example to me! 
I hope you all had a great week I'll have pictures for you all! 
Wo Ai Nimen!!
Elder Nelson 孙长老

Hank & Tina-See you in 4 months!😢

Ben's quote for the week was: "If you're not super busy as a missionary, you are doing something wrong!" 
I ♥LOVE♥ it! It makes my heart happy to hear that he is keeping busy doing good things. 
My favorite part of his recording this week was him talking about a dinner appointment where he shared a spiritual message and then he was SERENADED A SONG about how he needs to repent. 
Haha! So funny!😁
Ben went into more detail of Evangel's & Blair's baptism and what a spiritual experience it has been and how wonderful it has felt to be a part of this with them. He spoke of Evangel's testimony that she bore and what a powerhouse she is. She was quoting many scriptures, some of which they haven't even taught her yet. He is so impressed with her love of the gospel and her example she has set for her family and him.  

What a GREAT Day!

Last Multi Zone with President Mullen

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