Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chasing Chickens & Being Chased😉

Chasing Chicken & Chinese...
Weeks go so fast on the mission, it's kind of scary. I'm coming up on my 7 month mark I can't even believe it! 
This week was very crazy. I'm going to skip all the boring stuff and just get to the stuff you guys want to read! 😀
We had a service project this week on Thursday. We had to chase chickens and clean them off. I thought that would be easy but I was DEAD WRONG! Those little suckers should all be professional running backs for the NFL! We finally got a hold of them and had a lot of fun cleaning them.
Later that night we got to meet with Hank and Tina who are now doing Family History and moving along super quick! They both as of now have their Temple recommends and are looking forward to going to the Temple, hopefully this Saturday!
On Sunday at the UCR ward I was blessed with doing Hanks Aaronic Priesthood blessing! It is so cool to see how far along these two have come in so little time! 
We then headed off to our main ward in Eastvale. I'm going to try my best to explain what a Sunday looks like for a missionary. 
First we come in and set up all the translation so our Chinese members will have the slightest clue what the members are talking about. Then we begin to hope, pray and run all over the place grabbing investigators! One in particular whose baptism is very very close, her name is Evangel. She brought her 2 year old son with her and throughout all of sacrament he was running everywhere even up on the stand. Me and Elder Willes who right now are both perfect dads, lol took him out into the foyer and let him run around and cry a ton looking for his mom....
Oh what we do so our investigators can have a good experience. Then we had to teach the lesson in 3rd hour all while trying to organize Evangels baptismal interview! Church is super hectic and pretty much all in Chinese so it can be very entertaining!
To top off the week I had a 30 year old lady flirt with me and call me "Young Handsome Meat"!
I hope you all had a very exciting week, wish you all best!

Sun Zhanglao! ​
Elder Nelson 孙长老
Chasing Chickens

I ♥LOVE♥ the start of Ben's recordings! He usually starts with..."Ne-Howdy" instead of Ni Hao. 😁 
This week Ben gave us some information that made this Mom ♥ a little nervous. He said he has been living off of chips and water all week. They ran out of money, got paid but then couldn't go to the store for another 5 days!! While I realize these lessons are beneficial for him, I do not like to hear my kid is hungry! 😕 
Ben started talking about the service they did with catching the chickens and you could hear his smile through the recording! It is RARE to get a video of your missionary and to be able to hear/see him laughing, healthy and serving but an even better treat is to hear his companions laughing too! 
Seeing him in action serving the Lord, hearing and knowing things are going good with him and his companions makes this Momma ♥     so happy!
Besides the video another highlight of this week was the story Ben shared while he was on a blitz with Elder Golbranson. I know I won't do it justice so I will share it in his own words:
"I have a cool experience to share to let you know the priesthood is real. It didn't happen to me, but I was his companion at the time. Me and Elder Gulbranson were paired up as companions and we are just walking around trying to find people and we can't find anyone. We are looking around and we see this house with the garage open. An open garage is a pretty good indicator that someone is home. We walk up there and find out no one is there except this huge Pitbull with no restrictions on it. I am like, Oh Flip, I guess me and Elder Gulbranson are going home early! This Pitbull proceeds to full on head charges at us, super angry, frothing at the mouth and it goes to jump up and bite Elder Gulbranson. Elder Gulbranson puts his right arm up to the square and rebukes the dog and yells STOP!  
The dog literally halted in his position. It was about to bite him and it completely halts and then he says, GO and the dog turns and walks back in whimpering. My jaw dropped to the floor, it was INSANE! Just a little story from the mission that goes to show the priesthood is real!"
He spoke more about what a Missionary Sunday is like for them. I have to say...I will NEVER complain about my Sundays again! LOL He told us that their whole goal every Sunday is to make sure their investigators are having a good experience at church. 
Since there is a trio, they do this thing called, "Divide and Conquer". He talked about how some of the Asians get pretty nervous when 2 white guys start walking towards them but when 3 do it, it's usually game over! LOL So Ben will usually go by himself and Elder Willes and Elder Crowther will team up. The one day Ben was on one of these "Divide and Conquers" when he walked up in the middle of this group of 3 Asians and he just started talking to them. One of the ladies just starts yelling, "Hěn yīngjùn" (very handsome) over and over again while she is dancing around Ben. For Asians women telling a young man that he is "very handsome" is not flirting, it's just a compliment with no flirting behind it. But then she starts yelling, "Shuàigē" (that means very handsome guy, but flirting) and petting his shoulder and running around him. He says, "Mom, I was like, oh flip what is happening...I am just trying to tell you about Jesus and our English class!" LOL​ She then starts yelling it louder while her friends are all giggling and then says some "slang" Chinese word that Ben doesn't understand. She knew enough English to translate it to him and says, "You are handsome young meat!" Ben thought to himself, "Well that sounds super weird in English, let alone Chinese!" He wrote the word down so he could call Hank, who always helps him with Chinese words he may not know, and see what it meant. Hank and Tina told him that she was definitely flirting with him. Needless to say Ben ended his Sunday on an awkward and funny note! 
Service Cleaning Chickens

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