Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Area=New Friends & New Food

New Area! Questionable Food!
Nimen Hao!
This week was super awesome and a way new experience, full of lovable Asians, and new food.
This week we met with a ton of people!! I was able to meet lots of amazing people and even more cool... lots of Chinese members! I know this sounds dumb to all my peeps in Taiwan but for California Missionaries like me, there isn't exactly a ton of them. So coming here and seeing a large group of them was really cool! 
One of them was our sweet investigator Evangel that we were able to teach this week! She is super awesome and getting baptized next week! The icing on the cake is her mullet! She has a buzzed top and long hair on the back. It's super cool and I love her so much. She treats us like she is our mom, feeds us and takes care of us.
We also had a home visit with one of our members, Brother Miao. When we went he proceeded to shove all of this food at us  and made us try it! I had Squid, Baby Crabs like the whole thing just cooked and dried! We had Salmon bacon? and Scallops that they called "Candy" in plastic wrapping like a jolly rancher, so that was fun to try! 
I've only been here for a week and I haven't even had a dinner with a Chinese Member!
SOO super great week full of many funny old Chinese people running away from us, lol. But I love it here and wish you all the best! 
Here is pics of the random events of the week and this service project we did at a Ranch!
Wo AI Nimen

Elder Nelson 孙长老

Ben the Warrior, Baby Crabs

In Ben's new area "The Trio" (Ben, Elder Willes and Elder Crowther) cover the whole mission since they are the only Chinese speaking missionaries, so they are driving EVERYWHERE all the time. 
My favorite part of Ben's recording was him talking about a new guy they met named Rocky, as in Rocky Balboa. Haha!😁 Ben talks about how huge he is and said he only speaks one phrase in English which is "I like to workout" LOL. He loves Rocky and gets to hang with him in English class. 

In the UCR area Ben didn't have any Chinese members except for Hank and Tina and few investigators at church. Going to Eastvale they have a ward with only Chinese in it so NO English is spoken unless it is with his companions. He is LOVING it though because it is helping him learn the language even more. 

So I have mentioned before how the Chinese people choose American names so it is easier for us to pronounce, hence the man named Rocky. But Ben met another guy who introduced himself as "Guns". Ben wanted to clarify so he asked him again, "Your name is Guns"? The man responded with, "Yes, like Guns and Rose!" Haha! Not Guns and Roses, Guns and Rose. 😁It is always so funny to me how they pick their names. I'm sure it tells a lot about their personality by the names they choose. 

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