Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day, From Your Favorite Child😉

Last hand hold for 2 years😢

This is one of my favorite pictures with Ben right before we turned him over to the Lord for 2 years. 
While we were at the light waiting to drop him off, he says to me, "Mom, give me your hand." I was able to hold my son's hand through 5 light changes and you can bet I was counting😏. Whenever I reflect back on this day and this moment I am reminded of all the times Benjamin has been my rock, my sounding board, my comic relief, my therapist, my "one who notices the little things", my shoulder to cry on but most of all one of my BEST FRIENDS. Ben always tries to make holidays like Mother's Day and my Birthday special for me and without even doing anything but a phone call, this year was going to be the BEST! 

I feel so lucky to be a Mom and to spend the day with all of my monkeys, but it wasn't going to be complete until I had them all together! When the Skype rang, my heart just started pounding. When I saw him on the screen and he said, "Hi Mom!" with that huge grin and the little laugh he has, I squealed with excitement! 
Oh how I miss his laugh, that smile, his witty personality and the love that he just naturally emulates when he talks to you.
We each took about 5 minutes so we could have 1 on 1 time with him. He talked to all of the kids and asked them about all of the things they were doing. Watching him laugh with Isaac and speak Chinese back and forth with one another, melted my heart. They are so close and you could just feel how much they miss each other. Watching each of their interactions and being able to see and hear their love for one another melted me to the core. ♥♥
He is so happy and doing so good! Listening to his experiences and hearing the changes that have developed in him and the strength of his testimony for the gospel and in his Savior makes me want to do better, be better. 
What a tender mercy of love and peace I felt talking with my Ben and knowing he is out there pushing through the hard days and doing his best even when times are tough. What a blessed Mother's Day! 
Fun pics from that day!

Ben's testimony in Chinese♥♥♥

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