Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Just 3 White Dudes Speaking Chinese

🎶 Movin On Up...To The Eastside 🎶 (Eastvale)

What A Flippin Crazy Week...
Well...I'm in a new area!!
First off I have to apologize that I have no pictures. My SD card reader is in my bag still so, that is why I have none. 😏Bu,t I hope you guys still kind of want to hear all about the good stuff out here in California!
This week was our last week at UCR. We walked a lot however we didn't have much success because of all the raves and parties they are throwing there! (end of school)
But, this was our last Sunday in the University Heights ward! We said goodbye to the people we love so much! But we will see them sooner than later since the mission goes sooooo dang quick!
Now I am in Eastvale, which is like the polar opposite of my last area. This is a super wealthy area. I have to say goodbye to the some of the hobos and prostitutes which makes me really sad!
I am very excited for the new change, so now it's just 3 white dudes trying to speak Chinese out in California! Wish us luck!
Wo Ai Nimen!
Elder Nelson å­™é•¿è€

In Ben's email to me this week he talked about how much he is going to miss UCR. He has made some life long friends there and is hoping to keep in touch. Hank and Tina were really sad to see him and Elder Yang move on, but they will be attending the UCR Ward for an hour each week. YAY! I am so happy that he will be able to see them. 

One of the most special things happened for me this week personally. I wrote to Ben a month ago about how all these kids on their missions were doing something that I thought would be fun. They were sending their Mom's pics of their tags, just in random places. It is just a funny, different thing to share with your family but I didn't want him to do it if he didn't have the time. I know he is extremely busy, so I left it up to him if he wanted to "play" or not. Haha! 
I hadn't received a tag pic yet so I figured it was something he didn't want to do until I got an email that said, "Mom, did you see the pic I sent you?" I hadn't yet so I opened it and there it was...MY TAG PIC! I immediately burst into tears, not because it was a "tag game" pic but because of the picture itself and what it represented. Here is what he sent me...
Ben's little brother Sam has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he is 6 years old. To say this has completely changed our family would be an understatement. Sam has been really upset, scared, mad, sad, all the emotions you can think of because he doesn't understand why he has it. It has been a real trial for our family, mostly me trying to get a handle on it, but it has also brought us closer than we have ever been. 
Ben sending me a "tag pic" with him wearing that Diabetes Awareness pin and having it be my first one, when I really had resolved that he didn't want to participate in this little game, hit me to my core. 
Ben has always been my "tender noticer" (that's what I call him). He knows the right things to say when you feel bad. He notices when something isn't right and he has a way of making you feel like you and your problems are the ONLY things that matter to him. Him sending that picture, knowing how busy, crazy, tired and I'm sure still adjusting to mission life was a testament to me of the Christ-Like love my son has for us and his little brother. He wanted Sam to know he was loving and supporting him from a distance and that he is a strong kid and he can DO THIS!)  He said, "Sammy, I'll wear this and when it gets hard and you feel bad remember I love you and I'm praying for you."  My Mom heart could not be more happy! Love this missionary of mine!♥♥♥

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