Sunday, October 30, 2016


The BIG DAY had finally come for Ben. Speaking in front of family and friends, hoping to instill some comfort, love and even some understanding for those that were confused as to why a young man would give up 2 years to go serve the Lord. His talk was inspiring and full of hope. He thanked many family members and friends for their different roles they played in his life. He spoke of the influence that Scouting played in his life and the skills it has given him to be confident enough to go and do what he had been preparing for these next 2 years. 
One part of Ben's talk: 
"If we take the effort to invite others to the gospel and show them the happiness and beauty of this church, YOU WILL CHANGE LIVES. If you show them the love of Christ and the blessings of the gospel, YOU WILL CHANGE GENERATIONS for eternity."
We are so proud of the young man standing up there at that pulpit today and knew that when he stood there again to give his report of his adventures in the field he would be standing there not as a young boy, but as a man. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Temples, Ties & Tailored Suits

This part of getting mission ready is both rewarding and a little frustrating. Let me explain. Taking a teenage boy who only has a little time left to spend doing WHATEVER he wants (within reason) and to spend that little time with his friends to go shopping for "mission appropriate attire" might be a fate worse than death at times. All the different stores, the many dressing rooms filled with all sizes of clothes, shoes off-shoes on, the arguing over whether he will even need all these things, just to have your husband remind him that he has already served a mission and may know what he is talking about. You're getting the jist right? All that being said there was A LOT of fun, laughter, food dates and memories made over this part of preparing for his mission. But nothing can compare to when we got to experience and have the most AMAZING opportunity to attend the Holy House of the Lord with our son. Surrounded by family and friends he was able to go feel of the beautiful spirit that can be felt in that Holy of places. He was glowing afterwards, grinning ear to ear and is just so excited and comforted for what that experience meant for him.