Monday, July 3, 2017

Sleep? What Is Sleep?

Nimen Hao!!
This week was probably one of the busiest weeks I've had on the mission... but busy is good as a missionary right?😏
This week we've been all over the place. We have been teaching so many new wonderful people! Currently we are teaching 2 families, specifically the dads. Their names are Steven and Jerry and their faith is so amazing and they are very willing to learn! 
We also started teaching this sweet lady by the name of Guangwen Bao (Stop trying to pronounce it, LOL😁). She ran into us one day at the park this week and started bouncing up and down saying, "NIHAO SUN ZHANGLAO!" (that's me) She is super sweet and I'm way grateful I'm able to teach her! 
We also got our New Mission President this week. I haven't been able to meet him yet, so I don't have much to say about him! We get to meet him tomorrow so I'm very excited for the new things coming to the mission! 
The icing on the cake was Sunday for sure. We were so busy it was insane! We went and taught Winter at 9:45 am who has a major in Fashion Design. She told us what to do so we can be "in the trend" and what we need to be wearing. Its kind of hard when you're a missionary, but she liked my ties so we're good. 
Then we burned to the church as quick as we could, set up translation and started grabbing investigators. Elder Willes started translating while I was taking phone calls helping them know where they are! We ran all over the place getting them comfortable as possible. I am aging 20 years trying to help them all have a good experience! 
I then proceed to help the small army of children get to there classes so the moms can go to class and not worry! 
In conclusion as a missionary Sundays are designed not for us to have a good experience, but for our Investigators to be able to focus so they can see the blessings!
I am guessing I will be bald by the end of my mission... 
We burned out to Hemet, an hour drive, and taught Cher and Wendy. Her mom actually sat down this time so that was neat! We had a great lesson and they're doing great! We just need to find them a church since they are kind of in the middle of Mexico. LOL
After dinner we taught a members daughter by the name of Christine who is 10. She is a fireball and out sasses me in every lesson, which is quite impressive! We have been so blessed and I'm so grateful! The church is true, even in Chinese! 

Also... Happy Long-bed F-350 truck, blowing stuff up, everything fried dipped in chocolate, surrounded by Bald Eagles America day! (4th of July)

Love ya!!
Elder Nelson å­™é•¿è€

Ben is so excited about all the people that he and Elder Willes have been able to meet and teach. Their English class has a steady amount of 15 people coming each week which is AWESOME! 
They are also teaching a guy named Jacky who was actually referred to them from ELDER WHITE.  Elder White (Prince Hanz from the Frozen video 😁) is one of the guys from Ben's District in the MTC who has become one of his best friends! He is currently serving in the neighboring Arcadia, CA Mission. Ben was so excited because he was able to talk to him for quite a bit and get caught up! 
Jacky had a really cool experience. He wasn't able to come to church because of his work, but he said he was looking for a new job. Within a week of telling them this information he found new work that was closer that would allow him to go to church on Sundays! Jacky told them that God wants him to learn about this church if he was able to find work that quick! 😊
The Lord is blessing these 2 so much with so many opportunities, they barely have time to eat or sleep. As a Mom I worry about him all the time and worry even more when I hear he isn't eating well or getting the rest he needs. On the flip side, I know the Lord will bless them with energy and strength they need to fulfill the duties they have been sent to do. Plus, these types of lessons are great for them to learn the skills they need for adulthood. We all have experienced that time in our lives when you find yourself going without your own needs being met, but you know serving someone else is the only way to forget your troubles and to grow. These missions are doing just that for these kids. I am so proud of the man my son is becoming and I can hear the change each week through his emails. Even better, what a blessing it is that I get to live these experiences with him through his stories and testimony. 
He's right...GOD IS GOOD!♥♥♥  

Service at the Nature Center

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